If you ask people in New Zealand where they can have a party and some good time, you will most likely get Queenstown in your list. Despite it being a small town, Queenstown has more than 50 bars that specialise in offering different drinks. If you are a teetotaler, then you can grab food from the many restaurants that offer Chinese, Indian, American, Chinese and even Italian food. The best places to visit are:


  • Flame on Beach street

This restaurant is known for its meaty dishes and specially made carnivorous meals. They also have delicious options for vegetarians.

  • Loco Cantina on Shotover street

This is a Mexican themed restaurant that is famed for its outstanding tequila menu. The live music that they play provides a good ambience for people that want to relax.

  • Ferburger on Shotover street

For people who love burgers, the Ferburger is the place to be. It provides the delicious and juicy burgers ranging from vegetarian to cheesy beef burgers. Whether you want to take your food away or you want to eat in, there is always something for everyone.

  • Johnny Bars on Church street

Located a few metres from Nomads in Queenstown, this local cafe serves sandwiches, wraps and soups. The interesting part about Johnny bars is that it gives a 10 percent discount on people with moustaches.

  • Japanese Cuisine Kappa

As the name suggests, this restaurant specialises in noodles and sushi. They are known for their teriyaki chicken that you can drown down with wine. Forget the misconception that Japanese food is eaten raw and try out their specials.


Not all nights have to end with you curled up between your blanket waiting for morning. Queenstown has many options of how to light up your nights, ranging from a night out at a local bingo hall, a visit to the casino or drinking in one of the many pubs and bars. Some of the places to go to are:

  • Below zero Ice bar:

When you go to the Below Zero Ice bar, you are allowed to stay until you are ready to leave. From the name, you probably gather that it has a lot to do with ice. Well, the bar is made of ice. They have sculptures of chairs, glasses and a fireplace constructed by a special ice carver. They serve delicious cocktails and custom make drinks on demand.

  • Attiqa bar and kitchen:

This is the place to be if you want to drink from a huge list of wine and cocktails. The fact that it is located just above the main street and that there is always a live band to entertain makes it even more interesting.

  • Stacks pub:

The setting here is a bit casual, with the waiters stopping by for a light chat. They always have a bonfire outside, and this makes it worth visiting especially on cold nights. People who enjoy watching games such as soccer will feel right at home with the many screens mounted on the walls.

Queenstown also has several vineyards where people who are passionate about wine and how it is made can go. The wine trail tour and high country Heli wine tasting are places that you must visit if you want to understand the business of winemaking in Queenstone. The winery is perhaps the most outstanding places as it allows people to choose from over 80 selections of wine.