One of the places you should plan to visit whether you were born and raised in New Zealand or you are a visitor is Queenstown. There are so many things that make this town stand out and earn its title as the capital of adventure not only in New Zealand but the whole world. Of all the things Queenstown is known for, hiking trails ranks among the top reasons why tourists throng the town. Hiking is a fun way of keeping fit while on a trip, and it can also be a brilliant bonding experience especially if you are travelling in a group. Some of its best known hiking trails in Queenstown are:

Sunshine bay walk

This is among the easy trails to hike. It takes about one hour to do a return trip and the walk always starts from the Glenorchy road that is about a kilometre on the southwest side of the roundabout on Fernhill. This trail is for people who are not used to taking hikes, or those who are just looking for a quick break.

Queenstown hill time walk

Taking a walk on the Queenstown hill time walk will expose you to amazing views of hills and forests. It takes about three hours to complete the four kilometre stretch. This hike is recommended for people in the intermediate level. It always starts at the car park located near Belfast Terrace which is near the city centre.

Mount Crichton loop track

Going on the Mt Crichton loop track is more than a hiking trip. It is also an educational tour as you will get to learn more about the world of mining gold. The hike starts from the road between Glenorchy and Queenstown and stretches on for three hours. The area was once an active gold mine and the miners left behind some tunnels that have now turned into tourist attractions. There are also remnants of houses and utensils that were once used by the miners that serve as accommodation for hikers.

Tiki trail

This is a relatively easier hike that can even be taken by people with children.. It takes an average of one and a half hours to complete the hike that starts from Central Queenstown to Skyline Gondola. The hike takes you through the forest to the peak of the hills.

Jack’s point

It takes about 20 minutes to get from Queenstown to Jack’s point track. The hike can either start from Jack’s point club house or Jardine’s park. It takes about four hours to complete the 5.6 kilometre walk. During the walk, you will see views of Lake Wakatipu and the mountains. It is a relatively easy hike, and dogs are allowed to join in, but the dogs must be on a leash.