If you love adventure, then you will definitely have a good time at Queenstown. It caters for people who love nature and want to hike while marvelling at the expansive vegetation and scenic mountains in the horizon; and it also has something for those who embrace snowy winters and enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Some of the outdoor activities that make staying in Queenstown worthwhile include:

Go bungy jumping

What is life without a little kick of adrenaline shooting through the body? You only live once, so you might as well put caution to the wind and go for bungy jumping. You have probably seen photos of people suspended on air and wondered how it feels. You can be sure that the real thing is much better than instagram pictures and the feeling is something personal that cannot be described in words. Queenstown has several locations for bungy jumping such as Kawaru bridge or atop the Queenstown hill. For an even bigger thrill, try the ledge bungy which is almost 50 metres, making it one of the highest in the world.

Try the jet boat ride

If you did a poll on outdoor activities to do in Queenstown, most people will tell you that you must go for one of the many jet boat rides in town. Shotover jet boat rides are popular among many people. Being on a jet boat ride is like being on a flight that is travelling on water. The speed is mind boggling, and the spins and turns you take will definitely excite your adventurous side. You will be given a life jacket before you get into the boat. If you do not want to ride, you can sit by the Shotover canyons and watch.

Go for a hike

Hiking is an interesting way to familiarise yourself with an area. You do not only get to enjoy the scenery, but you also exercise, and it can be a fun way to bond if you travelled in a group. One of the best hikes is the Ben Lomond hike that gives a magnificent view of the lake, hill tops and lush vegetations.

Climb Queenstown hill

Some people do not have the resilience to go for long hikes across different terrains. For such people, climbing the Queenstown hill can be an easier task as they do not have to walk for hours. The beauty during sunrise and sunset is worth every minute of the climb. To spice things up, you should carry some snacks or wine so that you can take in every moment of the scenery.

Visit the Queenstown garden

This is a perfect solution for people who are on a budget but do not want their lack of money to interfere with the fun. Take a trip down to Queenstown garden and get lost in the beauty of nature. You can play a game of frisbees or even have a photo shoot against the amazing background.

Hit the road on a bike

Break the monotony of walking and driving by getting on a mountain bike and cycling around Queenstown. There are many options available, including a calming ride as you relax by the lake, a speedy ride on the dirt paths that lead to the wilderness, and long cross country rides. You do not have to own a bike to go cycling. There are several shops that allow cyclists to hire bikes.