In New Zealand, Queenstown is known as one of the top producer of quality wine. Visiting Queenstown is never complete without a tour to one of the many wineries. They have about 75 wineries, each boasting of unique features and speciality when it comes to wine making. You do not have to be an alcoholic for you to enjoy a trip in a vineyard.

Reasons to visit a vineyard

  • You get to know your wine: There is more to wine than just basic definitions such as “sweet, red, sparkling, and white”. Visiting vineyards exposes you to the details and notes that make wine stand out. It also gives you definitions on what determines quality of wine and why some wine is cheap while others are extremely expensive.
  • It is a great way of socialisation : There is always excitement among people who want to learn more about what it takes to make wine. Vineyard owners sometimes allow in little groups at a time, and being in such a group exposes you to new people with whom you can develop friendship. Next time when you hold your glass of wine while watching a horse race, you can sound more enlightened by describing the distinct taste to the people around you.
  • It helps in relieving stress: Let’s admit it, sometimes all one needs is a glass of wine after a long day. A vineyard gives you the opportunity to take down your wine without judgement.
  • You learn history of a place: For tourists, getting to know about people’s culture and what they believe in is not restricted to visiting a museum. Going to a vineyard can tell you more about their entrepreneurship, beliefs and values.

Vineyards in Queenstown and the surrounding

  • Amisfield:

This vineyard has been in existence since 1988. It is a great destination for people who are on a budget and are looking for a place to spend quality time without paying a lot. Amisfield is known for their rich white wine and pinot noir. Other than the wine, the vineyard’s location where it is surrounded by mountains gives it a cool vibe.

  • Rippon

This vineyard is overlooks Lake Wanaka and the mountains that surround the lake. What makes it popular is the vast tasting room that is full of wine and cheese for visitors to sample. The architecture is beautiful and unique. The view of the lake and the mountains also makes it more enriching.

  • Carrick

It takes less than an hour to get to Carrick from Queenstown. This vineyard boasts of having organic products and that their wine is made only from naturally grown grapes. They also claim that their restaurant which is a few metres from the vineyard also stocks only organic foods. They prune their grapes by hand and avoid pesticides by all means. Their wine collection has chardonnays, pinot noirs and other popular types of wine.

  • Terra Sancta

This vineyard is unique because it combines four vineyards. All the vineyards are always open over the summer for the public and there are always guides and experts to take visitors around. During other seasons, people can still be let in, but they have to make prior appointments.The vineyards are called Diggins, Sancta, Terra and Irresistable race. Their wine range is big, but their popular one is pinot noir.